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Growing Communities

Growing Communities is bringing together churches, other organizations and individuals to clean up abandoned property and create new public spaces in the western portion of Moberly.

Randolph County Caring Communities Program (RCCCP) enhances health equity through its Growing Communities initiative. Supported by the Missouri Foundation for Health, the initiative helps Moberly unite a diverse array of organizations and individuals that truly reflect the make-up of the community.

Growing Communities brings together churches, social service organizations and government entities to identify and address the most pressing health needs. Current efforts emphasize creating safe and secure public places for children and their families, as well as improving food security.

In addition to Growing Communities in Moberly, the Missouri Foundation for Health supports health equity activities in many other communities throughout the state. Each community focuses on addressing the following issues, challenges, solutions and calls for far-reaching participation.

ISSUE: Health inequities are an avoidable risk to length and quality of life

Nearly every aspect of society affects length and quality of life. Wealth, education, race and access to community services are just some aspects that can affect health. We are using the growing body of knowledge that has developed from this awareness to improve health equity. We define health equity as the opportunity for all people to make choices that allow them to live long, healthy lives.

CHALLENGE: Addressing health equity can be difficult without strong collaboration

Many community organizations focus on improving health and quality of life, but no single organization can address complex health equity issues. Limited resources, difficulties in consolidating and leveraging expertise, and lack of grassroots engagement make it difficult for organizations to implement a common vision for change in their communities.

SOLUTION: Invest in enhancing equity through better policies

Missouri Foundation for Health helps communities mobilize the necessary stakeholders, skills and resources to form partnerships that address health issues from a local policy perspective. The University of Missouri Center for Health Policy provides technical assistance to participating communities.

CALL TO ACTION: Calling for broad participation in grassroots efforts

Communities are made up of a diverse array of stakeholders, including policymakers, faith communities, business and education leaders, social service organizations and health systems. Communities are also comprised of individuals and families who are directly impacted by local policies and decisions. All stakeholders are encouraged to help improve health equity by joining grassroots partnerships, such as Growing Communities in Moberly.