Impacting Youth Wellness

Impacting Youth Wellness is a five-year initiative funded by the Missouri Foundation of Health to address childhood obesity prevention through its Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities Initiative.  The goal of the Impacting Youth Wellness initiative is a 5% decrease in the percentage of children who are overweight and obese in the Moberly and Westran Public School Districts as measured by the BMI-for age percentile.

Impacting Youth Wellness

The initiative seeks to reduce childhood obesity through prevention efforts that focuses on children in grades K-8, The initiative will strive to:

  • Increase healthy eating.
  • Increase physical activity.
  • Implement and enforce policy and environmental changes to support healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Engage parents and other stakeholders to promote health and wellness in schools, families, and communities.


Learn, Burn, and Earn

Learn, Burn and Earn is an initiative of Impacting Youth Wellness.  Our mission is to encourage kids in Randolph County to be active and eat healthier by participating in a series of activities, nutrition classes and big events.  The program is 12 months (but is subject to change due to facility availability.)  Children grade 3rd-8th can:


About eating healthier through a variety of classes such as Kids in the Kitchen and Farm to School.


Calories by participating in a series of activities such as Crunch Don’t Munch, YMCA Intramural Program, and West End Garden.


Points for every activity and class participated in. The more a child participates, the more he/she can earn with the ultimate prize being a bike.

Program Partners


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