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Learn more about Randolph County community caring

The Randolph County Caring Community Partnership is one of 20 Missouri Community Partnerships. It is a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has been in existence since 1998.

The Randolph County Caring Community Partnership seeks to accomplish the six following core results:

  • Healthy Children and Families
  • Children Safe in Their Families and Families Safe in Their Community
  • Young Children Ready to Enter School
  • Children Succeeding in School
  • Youth Ready to Enter Productive Adulthood
  • Parents Working at Reasonable Wages


The work of Randolph County Caring Communities is showing results. We take pride in our accomplishments, which include:

Piggy bank being held by hands

Saving Money

  • The Randolph County Caring Community Partnership offers “Transformational Services” that help individuals and families transition from governmental assistance and dependency on poverty inducing systems to a place of economic self sufficiency. Families are provided skills for work preparation and job search.
  • Provided services through the “Pathway to Reentry” program for over 75 unduplicated ex-offenders, reducing the county recidivism rate and saving our county dollars.

Improving Services

  • The Randolph County Caring Community Partnership has developed a “One Stop Shop” Family Resource Center to assist individuals locating resources and maximizing services.
  • Provides coordinated service delivery through Family Support Team Meetings. This “family-driven” process offers a multi-agency approach to helping families become healthy and self-reliant.
  • Focuses on system-wide coordination improvement with local state agencies representing the Department of Social Services, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of Mental Health, Department of Corrections, and Department of Transportation.
Father helping children make food
Families cooking together

Getting Results

  • The Randolph County Caring Community Partnership’s Even Start Family Literacy Program has served over 150 families and 300 plus children with parent education and child development activities. To date, 44 program participants have returned to school to complete and receive either a high school diploma or GED. Many have continued to post-secondary education or into the workforce.
  • The “Project HOPE” Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Project has provided services for over 175 families and their children and allowed them to remain intact. In addition, 70 families have participated in parent enrichment and support group sessions.
  • The Randolph County Caring Community Partnership leveraged an additional $769,331 through state contracts and grants from private foundations.

Involving Community

  • The Randolph County Caring Community Partnership engages community residents and key stakeholders in the local decision making process through Five County-Wide Action Teams designed to address emerging community issues.
  • Uses the Community Readiness Model to develop and implement prevention efforts and programming that enhances the quality of life for all residents.
Families playing the woods with sunshine
Young boy and father in park

Developing Resources

  • The Randolph County Caring Community Partnership secured funding from the Missouri Department of Transportation and local support to provide public transportation through its Magic City Express program. Over 1,500 one-way rides are provided to residents monthly.
  • Provides capacity building and training on grant writing, program development, and fund development for local partners at no cost, enabling them to operate more efficiently and effectively.
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