Insurance Marketplace & Medicaid Expansion

Working with the Affordable Healthcare since 2013 we have seen that vulnerable populations such as the uninsured, low income, and minorities located in rural Northeast and North Central Missouri fall into the Medicaid Gap. 

With Missouri passing the Medicaid Expansion in 2020 we have been able to reach and assist this population to get healthcare. 

Healthcare Affordable Insurance arrows on a street sign

What is the purpose of this program? To serve as the foundation to engage the community into action to enhance the quality of life for all residents.

What problem is this program hoping to solve? The intent of this program is to increase the number of enrollments into Medicaid Expansion and to have access to healthcare.

Testimonial Stories:

Christina - "I can get affordable healthcare to meet my daily health needs.”

Richard - "I am now able to go to my doctor appointments and can afford my medications."

Debbie -  “I appreciate being able to call CCP to get assistance with my insurances needs.”

Impact or Results from the Program? Reaching that vulnerable population, to find affordable healthcare they can get, keep and to be able to use. Taking time to share health literacy information with each client can live a healthy quality of life.

Program Director:
Name: Patty Hendren

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